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"Thank you for all that you do!"

Thank you for all that you do for us! I could have never gotten to where I am today physically without your knowledge, support, and friendship. 

Much Appreciative,

- Dawn

A Small Group Means Plenty of Personal Attention.

The group size never exceeds 10 members. That means you'll get all of the personal attention & motivation you could possibly need. This isn't one of those "jam as many people as you can" classes.

This is a small, supportive group of very positive-minded people. Everyone here encourages one another. In fact, friendships are often born.

Powerful Motivation & Guidance to Keep You Excited & On Track.

Lack of motivation is the #1 thing that causes people to "fall off the band wagon" with fitness.

That's why I make it a point to constantly motivate, encourage, and pump you up so you always stay excited. That's also why each and every class is extremely fun & diverse.

Expect to laugh and smile a LOT as you lose weight, and feel on top of the world.

Lose Inches. Burn Fat. Tone Muscle. Fast.

I've studied and researched for literally years to discover what exercises really help people lose weight.

As a result, you'll experience tons of fun, unique workouts that get you results fast.
Each one will get your muscles strong and flexible, strengthen your heart, and help you burn fat.

As a certified P90x instructor, I'm going to add many of their highly effective exercises to every workout. You're going to get tons of variety, so these workouts will NEVER get old or redundant!

​​The P90x system is a tested & proven program for burning fat, and looking & feeling absolutely great. It involves unique bodyweight exercises like you've never seen. It's an absolute blast, and you're going to love the workouts and the results every step of the way.

Experience Workouts inspired by the Famous P90x Program.

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Small Group Personal Training

"I finally fit into that pair of pants!"

I'm the size I was 2 years ago. I finally fit in these two pair of Capri pants that I haven't worn in 2 years. I may fit in these pants after 2 years but more importantly I look different in them because I'm shaped differently now. My progress has been close to turtle speed but when I do hit milestones they are rewarding, satisfying, and sweet. Looking forward to the next milestone....when ever it will be.

- Kimberly

Relief From Bodily Pain.

Many people come here with muscle aches and pains. They have cramped necks… sore backs… and other ailments that keep them from living a perfectly happy life.

It's amazing how powerful the right exercise is for healing your body. Often in just a few workouts muscle aches and pains completely vanish.

 Of course, you should consult your doctor first if you have any medical conditions. But more often than not, bodily pains are healed with the right stretching & exercise.

"I've lost 100 pounds!"

In my whole journey toward better health, I've been celebrating the "non scale" victories - you know, like clothes fitting better, needing new clothes, feeling better, having more energy etc. But wanted to share with you a scale victory - I've lost 100 lbs! Yeah! Thanks for all the help, encouragement and butt kickings when needed so far. See you tonight.

- ​Lela  

"I am loving boot camp!"

I am loving boot camp! I feel really good and positive. Thanks! You are a gem!

- Linda

Many high-intensity fitness classes are filled with people in their 20s and younger. Not here! You'll find people from their 20s all the way to their 60s and up.

That's because my program is designed for people of all fitness levels. Whether you haven't worked out in years, or you work out every day of the week, you'll get a calorie-burning, muscle-toning experience.

An Awesome Experience for People of All Ages.