Muscle Imbalances lead to poor Posture

Poor posture leads to movement dysfunction. Movement dysfunction leads to injuries.  As an Integrative Movement/Corrective Exercise Specialist, I will help find and address the muscular imbalances and faulty movement patterns that may be causing you pain.

  • Millions of Americans suffer from some type of chronic pain.  Arthritis is the most common cause in working age adults - and most cases can be categorized as osteoarthritis or degenerative joint disease - which means it is the result of wear and tear related to a person's habits, poor posture and movement dysfunction, not their genetics
  • Back pain is the leading cause of disability in Americans under the age of 45 and the most common cause of missed workdays.  More than $50 billion is spent just treating low back pain
  • Knee and shoulder pain accounts for over one-third of doctor visits for musculoskeletal issues.  Most of these injuries are related to repetitive injuries or a direct result of how individuals are sitting, standing, walking, reaching, lifting and exercising.
  • Over 70% of individuals will experience neck pain making it almost as common as low back pain.

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Many of my clients come to me with the above mentioned conditions, many times more than one, and are seeking a non-operative measure to correct their pain.  The Integrative Movement/Corrective Exercise approach starts with a movement and alignment assessment, which is designed to uncover the root cause and any hidden issues that may be present and part of your problems.  Once we complete the evaluation, I will develop and execute the most appropriate corrective and progressive exercise strategy tailored specifically to help you accomplish your goals - be it for life or for sport. The process involves:        

  • Locating the overactive muscles that are causing your posture and movement pain and dysfunction, and then releasing the muscles to a relaxed state
  • Teaching you how to activate the proper muscles so that you can learn and feel the right way to move
  • Proceeding into movement through low-level and progressive exercises that will allow you to improve your health, train for a sport, or live life with no pain


"They were impressed at therapy the other day"

​Just thought I'd let Tonya know that thanks to her instruction with me pre knee surgery, I'm doing pretty well. Surgery was on 11/28/2016 so my first working physical therapy was on 12/6/2016. I was bending my knee at 87 then. When I went Wednesday, I was at 96-100 with little assistance. I'm still working to get past those numbers.

Also am almost transitioned from the walker to the cane.

So thanks again for the tips on doing the exercises. They were impressed at therapy the other day when they saw my thigh muscle contracting even through my sweatpants.

- Pat

I am invested in helping you reach your physical fitness goals.

This means improving your strength, endurance, and flexibility while ensuring healthier patterns in your everyday life.

I work with clients who:

  • are limited by muscle and joint pain / discomfort caused by musculoskeletal imbalances
  • want to improve performance in everyday life, working out for health, or participating in a sport
  • are recently discharged from surgery or physical therapy and need to safely return to an exercise program

"You are Awesome, Tonya!"

You helped correct a low back/hip problem I've had for over 45 years that no health practitioner ever had an answer for before that. You amazed the he!! out of me. Thank you!

- Ginger


​Integrative Movement /corrective exercise Specialist

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