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A comfortable, supportive environment.

Many of my clients first tried chain gyms and other local venues. After their first workout here, they were amazed by how supportive, calm and nurturing this center is.

That's because while beauty is important, what's more important to is that you're happy. I want you to feel safe and comfortable. Those two things - and getting you great results - are my top priorities.

Losing weight is not a competition. A lot of those gyms feel like everyone is trying to "out do" each other. You won't find that here. All you'll find is positivity, encouragement, and motivation to achieve your goals.

"I no longer take prescription medications!"

I am 61 years young, feel and act like I'm 40, and I really have Tonya to thank for that. It has not been an easy or quick journey to get where I am today. It's taken a lot of hard work along with ups and down but the key has been consistency and sticking with it. She has challenged me and shown me I can be physically fit at my age. I feel great and have changed dramatically in appearance since I started working with her. The best thing that has happened along the way is that I no longer take any prescription medications. I really do believe I have the necessary tools for living a long healthy life.

- VyAnn

Come as you are: 

Training for anyone & everyone.
You don't have to be in shape to come here. You don't have to be skinny or young to come here. You don't have to have any experience with exercise what-so-ever. Just come as you are. I want to help you look and feel great. It's my passion. It's what I'm meant to do in this world.

Body-pain be gone!

Many people come here with aches and pains all over their bodies: neck, back, shoulder, leg pain, etc.
After just a week or two, most of them experience tremendous relief. After a month - it's like the pain was never there. Of course, more serious conditions should be guided by a doctor. But most body pain can be soothed with our expert-guided exercise.

Get 1-on-1 Personal, Expert Help to Lose Weight, Increase Your Energy, and Live a Happier, Healthier Life.


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"Everything is designed just for you."

Everything is designed just for you. For example, I go three days a week. That works for my schedule and goals, but that might not work for you.  Her program is not like cheap size fits all. It's really cool that you and she can work out something that will fit.  Best of all, there's nobody else in there with you when you train.  I would never want to put myself in a situation where I'd be embarrassed or uncomfortable. Give her a call."

- Roy

It's just you and me

When you come for your personal training sessions, you'll notice something: it's just you and me. No one else will be working out in the entire gym. That's because I feel 1-on-1 should be 1-on-1. If you've ever felt uncomfortable at other gyms because a "million" other people were working out around you, you won't feel that here. That way I can put all of my focus and attention on getting you the results you deserve, fast.

Burn fat and tone muscle to look and feel great. After your first week of training, you'll most likely already feel - and see - the results. You'll be a few pounds lighter, your muscles will be a bit more toned, and you'll feel better than ever.

If you have a lot of stress, you can expect that to be greatly reduced too. These workouts work your muscles on a deep level, releasing stress, and inviting a calm confidence into your life.

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