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To Get Your Free Consult!

To Get Your Free Consult!

Physical fitness, core strength, good posture, and a healthy weight are vital to spinal health. Whenever one of our patients needs help in these areas, I recommend Rock Solid Studio. You will not find another trainer who is more thorough and passionate about her clients as Tonya Rocho. I trust her to train our patients in a safe, effective and creative way. Tonya's work with our patients allows them to get the most out of their chiropractic care and stay healthy, active, and fit.

- Douglas Gordon, DC, Minges Creek Chiropractic


Dr. Douglas Gordon, DC

As a health care professional, I have found that dentistry is really, really hard on the body especially the back, shoulder, and core. I've worked with Tonya for over 2 + years in personal training and class work. She is a professional in every sense of the word. Her knowledge of how the body works and moves and what it takes to fuel the system is second to none and I have had great conversations with her about improving health. I am in the best shape that I have ever been in and am able to perform at a very high level with no pain or tenderness. Tonya is a coach, a motivator, a resource, and a personal friend who I consider to be on my team. I can highly recommend her and continue to refer my patients to her that really want to "turn back the clock."

- Dr. Robin Steely, DDS


Dr. Robin Steely, DDS

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