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I've had eczema for several years and have bought more over-the-counter drugs and prescriptions than you can possibly imagine. I started taking the OPC-3 almost a year ago and have had no signs of the eczema for at least 6 months!!! Another reason to love the Isotonic Supplements I take and the education you have given me!!!

- Becky

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If you knew all of the harmful ingredients that were in most cosmetics... you just might faint. But not with BlackBox. You get all-natural, pure ingredients that are 100% toxic-free.

So you get smooth skin that simply glows - while staying healthy. Now you can look beautiful, and give your body exactly what it needs.

"It's like I gave my body high-octane fuel!"

I'm taking the multi vitamin, multimineral, and Bcomplex. I have been taking the multi vitamin first thing in the morning by itself. Then at about 4:30 in the afternoon, on an empty stomach, I mix up 2 caps of Champion Blend, a cap of minerals and a cap of Bcomplex to fuel my 6 PM workouts. That combination is amazing.

When anything you ingest enters your body - your digestive tract works to bring it into balance with the rest of you. Through this process, nutrients from foods and vitamins can often get lost along the way.

Isotonix is formulated to already be in balance with your body. That way you don't lose any of the powerful, life-changing benefits Isotonix Supplements offer. Click here to shop now.


Last night was day 28 of a Burpee Challenge I'm participating in. We started at 5 and added 5 more on each day – so last night we were up to 90. My daughter and I did sets of 10 with 20 seconds of rest in between. I've built up a lot of strength and stamina from doing them all month but I just blasted through them like a Warrior! I know my body and it's like I gave it high octane fuel – I felt so good. For extra credit we did 2 more sets for a total of 110 Burpees. Then did a strength training circuit. Some of us are talking about continuing the Burpee Challenge through July where we will get up to 200. I'm all for it because I know I'll have the stamina with the supplements plus I'm getting Ripped.

​- Mark Griffore

"Handful" is the revolutionary new sports bra you've been waiting for. It's flattering, but not revealing. And it's so comfortable you may never use another bra again - whether you're at the gym or out with friends.

Developed by a fellow woman who was tired with all of the problems with traditional sports bras, this is one product you must explore if you work out regularly.

Handful: The Sports Bra You've Been Waiting For

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