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"I Can't Begin to Describe How Great I feel!"

Hello drill Sergeant!
I didn't have a chance to tell you this morning. My suits had become very uncomfortable even cutting in and leaving nice looking indents around my waistline. Already last week that was no longer an issue and yesterday when I went to put my belt on….I went from not only having it on the last hole.

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To Get Your Free Consult!

I have learned so much about myself, nutrition and working out. I love working out with Tonya. There is never a dull moment. She always keeps it new & exciting. She notices if something is not working and changes it up until she finds the right combination. My self confidence has come a long way. I feel so much better mentally and physically. Tonya makes you want to work so hard and keep up all the work that is being done because she makes you feel so good and comfortable being there.

From the first visit you can see and feel the love and concern she has for people. She truly loves her work and it shows. Tonya, you are the best and thanks for loving your job so much.

​- Joyce

"You have no idea what a milestone this is."

Hi Tonya, Finally heard from Mic. He is gone on missions for 14-21 days. I wanted to send you what Mic wrote me regarding your workout. Thought you would get a kick out of his comments and that your workout program is reaching across the globe to the sands of Iraq -- hey, it may be a promising business venture in the future for soldiers in the military for you!!

"I truly am enjoying Boot Camp!"

I truly am enjoying Boot Camp!!! I didn't think I would like working out in the early morning but I actually love it! I have more energy during the day and I do feel good.

​- Mandy

My cardio was off the charts. So...with the diet we set up for myself and fitness program I feel Tonya took "personal training" to a new level. She really put the personal in our training and was very true and sincere in our workouts. She was brutally honest with me during my weigh ins and body fat checks. She always says the numbers keep you honest. Finally....Tonya is a no nonsense trainer and has a great personal training gym. She has plenty of weights and other equipment to keep one busy and fresh. So...I suggest...if you are looking for a "real personal trainer", see out Tonya at Rock Solid Wellness Studio. You won't be sorry you did.

​- Ken

"She really put the 'personal' in our training."

I have just finished a three month fitness and weight loss program with Tonya. After my three months I added an additional month because I thought I needed it. I am 62 years old and was somewhat out of shape and over weight. Other than disc golf as a form of exercise my fitness level was pretty much non existent for about two years. In the beginning I could barely complete my first fitness assessment. Leading up to my final assessment I made strides with body fat loss and strength levels. With the last assessment I handily completed everything Tonya gave me to do.

Working out at Rock Solid Studio is enjoyable, challenging, fun, and never boring. Tonya also has a great background in nutrition and can provide menu plans which work together with exercise to accelerate reaching your goals. I started working out at Rock Solid just over 6 months ago and I am very pleased with my results. I have increased strength and my endurance and I have more energy too!

Working with Tonya is a great investment in your health and it's fun too!

​- Ed

"I have increased my strength and endurance and I have more energy too!"

Tonya does a super job as a personal trainer, nutritional expert and motivator. She is enthusiastic, very energetic and professional in her work with her clients. You can tell she really enjoys what she does. Tonya takes the time to help you set personal goals and creates workouts to help you reach them. Her great coaching advice gives her clients the most effective techniques to get the best results quickly. She keeps the workouts new and changes routines to keep it interesting.

"She will change your life..."

Tonya has been my personal trainer since 2008. At that point I was ready to give up. I had reached my plateau and was very frustrated with my body. Once "under her wing" inches began to fall off, my energy began to rise and people started noticing all of our hard work.

When I started in bootcamp, I was not in good shape, and yet I never felt out of place or self conscious. The workouts are a balance of cardio, strengthening, and stretching. Recently someone asked me about working out, and did I hate it? If I hated it, I certainly would not do it. I really enjoy it. I get to work out every morning with an enthusiastic, knowledgeable trainer and a group of fun and encouraging people.

Working with Tonya is a great investment in your health and it's fun too!

​- Gwen

Wonderful Reviews From Our Loved Clients!

"Working with Tonya is a great investment in your health & it's fun too!"

I started working out at Rock Solid because I wanted to have better health. I have been doing the Boot Camp for 8 months. That is the longest that I have ever stuck with an exercise program. I really like having a set schedule for exercising since it keeps it a priority. Bootcamp is not boring, because every day it is something different.

After your class I realized that for the first time I could truly feel athletic at some point. This is something I have never felt, I never played any sports for recreation or in school, I am lacking in grace and coordination and have always felt I missed out on that ability of athleticism. I guess I just want to say I felt great, when I caught my breath, after today and you are a wonderful trainer.

Thank you and see you tomorrow morning!

​- Melissa

"I felt comfortable to push myself..."

I would like to thank you for a wonderful start to my morning. I love the class - OK maybe not during the lunges or a few other choice exercises, but I felt comfortable to push myself but not to a point where I needed to prove anything to anyone other than myself, and by the way, that I did.

Not only has she coached me in properly exercising my body, but she's also helped me better feed my body as well as teaching me better food choices for my family since I'm the one preparing the meals at home. Today we, my family, are fit, energized and enjoy being active as a family.

My husband just completed his first adventure race which consisted of a 30 mile bike ride, 10 mile canoe ride and a 4 mile hiking/orienteering trek and enjoyed every minute of it. We plan on doing another one in the fall, my first one since I'm expecting in June. We are also teaching physical activity to my 3 year old and showing her the importance of it.

I've been training throughout my pregnancy...yes, pregnant ladies can workout too. I was just as surprised to hear the news but also glad that I would be able to keep up with my workouts and not lose any head way we had made prior to me being pregnant. This pregnancy has been so great. I've had more energy, been able to work longer than my first pregnancy since my work is physical work.

I've been able to manage my weight very well only gaining approximately 25lbs and I'm already 7 1/2 months along.  I'm grateful to have met Tonya. I was at the point of giving in to the food cravings and just letting my body go! Now I'm so glad that I didn't. I'm enjoying life and able to keep up with my 3 year old without loosing wind anymore.

My life is more fulfilling and gratifying.  You too can succeed at this; I'm just a regular person like you that needed some pushing and guidance. A personal trainer is well worth it; Tonya is worth it. Her knowledge in physical fitness and nutrition is awesome. Just when you think you've got the hang of of thing or think this getting easy, she picks up on it and brings it on.

I encourage you to try Tonya out; she will change your life and the lives of people around you as it did for my family and one of my patients. She too noticed my results and asked what my secret was. She came back 3 months later and was proud to say that she had lost 95lbs! She was a totally different person, she had melted away. It was awesome to see. She told me that I was her inspiration...I was just blown away, excited and surprised that I could do that! Inspire someone, me! If this happened to me I know it can happen to you too. Small steps create great change. Take the leap you won't regret it."

- Dr. Rachelle Myers, DC

Tonya is so knowledgeable, and I trust what she tells us to do. I know I am not going to get injured. Tonya makes sure to explain modifications for each exercise, so as not to aggravate old injuries or create new ones. She takes into account each person's fitness needs, so that you never feel that you are over or under pushed. She always stresses doing the exercise right and at your own level.

If you're a client and would like to submit your testimonial, just use the contact page and write! We'd love to hear what you have to say!

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"I've seen changes in my body that I never have in all my previous years of working out."

I can tell you from personal experience that Tonya is a miracle worker. I had lifted weights and done cardiovascular training for years in Kalamazoo, and once I moved to Battle Creek, I took a year off. Three years ago, I went into Gold's Gym to find a trainer and get back on track.  That is when I met Tonya.

through all of this Olivia will gain confidence and ultimately enjoy feeling stronger and more fit, so that she establishes these habits for a lifetime.

As I look back over the past two years, I'm so happy with what we've accomplished as far as my health is concerned. Despite the fact that things could always be better, I've lost some weight, I fit into clothes I had grown out of, my back feels good (good enough that I've even done some shoveling without pain!), and I'm able to lift weight and do exercises that I never could have done two years ago. I feel so much stronger than I used to, and I can feel the difference in even mundane tasks, like handling my very heavy pots and pans or slogging out through deep snow carrying heavy containers of water and food. Even with occasional setbacks, you've encouraged me every step of the way. Thank you!!

​- Natalie

She will give you great nutritional wisdom and even tailor your diet to your particular problems. She has endless energy and is extremely compassionate and understanding. Trust me this is an amazing human being, you'll encounter few like her in your lifetime. She is also very humble and down to earth

When you work out with Tonya you become part of a very special family...all the boot campers encourage you to join our team!

- Doug

To Get Your Free Consult!

To Get Your Free Consult!

"I have learned so much about myself, nutrition, and working out..."

Tonya coming into my life was a great blessing. She helped me stay strong while going through chemo & radiation treatments. I truly believe that if she hadn't of taken the time to work with me and talk to me about nutrition and exercise I wouldn't have made it through my treatments as well as I did. Now that treatment is over she is helping me reach my goal of getting fit, losing weight and keeping the cancer dragon away.

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"I feel so much stronger than I used to, and I can feel the difference in even mundane tasks."

Dear Tonya,
I just wanted to send a quick note to thank you for helping so much with Olivia. Not having the responsibility for motivating her to exercise and monitoring that exercise will decrease my stress level and take away a source of friction for us.  And I imagine her workouts will  be much more productive as well.  I hope

We began working together and I've seen changes in my body and shape that I never have in all my previous years of working out. She kicks my butt every time I see her, but I have never had the definition and results like I have now. She is a trainer that has done every move and exercise that she asks you to do and that gives me complete confidence and trust in her.

Along with being a great trainer, she has also become a very good friend and personal counselor. If you are looking for results at all, I would suggest giving her a try.

- Tamie

"You're in for an experience of a lifetime!"

Anybody that is thinking about joining the boot camp will be in for an experience of a lifetime and a way to launch a new consciousness about your health. She teaches you how to get very intense short workouts that will transform your body. Tonya is an inspirational athlete and a world class trainer. You will end up with a body and energy level that are second to none and get to work with one of the finest personal trainers in the country.

But it was so bad that the buckle was actually starting to tear the leather because it was pulling so tight….to yesterday putting it on the first hole and it sagged down so much that I was able to comfortably move it to the 2nd hole!!!

Thank you SOOOOO much. I'm only a little over 2 weeks in and I can't begin to describe how GREAT I feel both physically and mentally. You ROCK!!!

- Steve Holms

1332 Columbia Ave E Battle Creek, Michigan 49014

"5 stars for this business!"

"I would highly recommend Rock Solid Wellness Studio. Tonya is a delightful and very motivating trainer. She understands the hardship of trying to get fit and healthy. She is always willing to go above and beyond to help you achieve your goal. I will continue with Tonya as a trainer until all of my goals have been met! 5 STARS FOR THIS BUSINESS!"

​- Kelly

"I don't have Tonya Rocho's email address, so can you tell her that I finally figured out her run with the hip thing, like a bounce, it's nice. I need a 15:54 for my two mile run and I ran a 15:37 for my last pt test. The one before her techniques was an 18:18. Tell her I'm doing well and I've probably made like 50 copies of her workout she gave me and passed them out. People were asking me where I got this workout from and when I showed them the handouts they all asked for copies. We now do her workout at 6am and 5pm every day if mission dictates it. I had to reserve the aerobics tent for both times because it is full, like 25-30 people a session. Please tell her to send some more exercises, whoop my butt."

You have no idea what a mile stone this is for Mic, not only keeping up with your workout program, but passing it along and sharing it with others and writing back about it. This is coming from an Asperger's kid who doesn't socialize with others, talk or write about things he's doing!! He really connected with you Tonya, and for that we are ever grateful to you for.

​- From Mic